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Oppo dispatches A9 2020 and A5 2020 in Nepal

Oppo authoritatively dispatches An arrangement 2020 telephones in Nepal: A9 2020 and A5 2020. These two telephones are Oppo's most recent offering of mid-level cell phones in Nepal. A portion of the key highlights of both the telephones are the quad-camera and 5000mAH battery. Discover more specs, cost of Oppo A9 2020 and A5 2020 in Nepal.

"We named this two handsets the OPPO A Series 2020 in festivity of the start of the new decade, additionally to remember the achievement of An arrangement in the course of recent years while respecting a totally different age of portable clients," said Bobby Zhao, CEO, OPPO Nepal. "This new name likewise mirrors our vision for the coming ten years. It features the brand's most recent innovations, shocking plan, eminent photography, ground-breaking execution and ideal tuning to the requirements of youngsters." Now, with these two most recent handsets, the OPPO A Series 2020 offers more potential outcomes than any other ti…
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Vivo's V17 Pro has two spring up (pop up) selfie cameras

Directly on the impact points of the smooth, exploratory Nex 3, Vivo has declared another telephone at the mid-to-high part of the bargain. The V17 Pro will fill in as the organization's feature gadget in huge numbers of its districts, or for individuals who aren't prepared to surrender volume catches at this time.
The V17 Pro has a similar Snapdragon 675 processor as the V15 Pro, which was discharged recently, yet generally essentially everything is all-new. It has 8GB of RAM as standard, the battery has been expanded to 4,100mAh, and the fabricate is a discernibly bulkier at 9.8mm thick.

Some portion of that mass can be represented by the battery, yet the new spring up selfie camera module most likely likewise has something to do with it. The V17 Pro has two selfie cameras, including a 32-megapixel fundamental sensor and a 8-megapixel ultrawide, and both are housed in a rectangular module that ascents from behind the screen. The mechanized module additionally incorporates a…

Vivo V17 Pro value spills in front of September 20 authority dispatch

Vivo is continually endeavoring to pioneer the trail the extent that development is concerned. The Chinese tech mammoth did it with the NEX which took the idea of bezel-less show to the outrageous. The BBK auxiliary is set to dispatch one more creative cell phone that embraces the moniker Vivo V17 Pro. The gadget has just been uncovered to dispatch on September 20. At the present time, the cost of the gadget has been tipped to associate with Rs. 27,999 ($397).
The Vivo V17 Pro will touch base as world's first telephone with double spring up selfie cameras. The more extensive spring up module is relied upon to include a 32-megapixel essential focal point and a profundity sensor of 2-megapixel. The back shell of the telephone has a quad-camera framework. It involves a 48-megapixel primary focal point, a ultrawide focal point of 8-megapixel and a couple of 2-megapixel focal points.

Concerning other equipment, the gadget packs a 6.59-inch S-AMOLED show with full HD+ goals of 1080 x 24…

The present Gold Prices in Pakistan, 19 September 2019,Gold Rate

The present Gold Prices in Pakistan, 19 September 2019,Gold Rate
The present Gold Rates in Pakistan on the date of September 19, 2019 for every tola of Gold was Rs. 87,250 and the cost for 10 grams Gold was Rs. 74,803.

The rates for gold are now and again extraordinary in every pakistani city. Beneath you can locate the gold costs for various urban communities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Faisalabad and Quetta.
Check here to see the value contrast between Today's Gold Rates and Yesterday's Gold Rates.

महतारी : ek maan jo apanee hee betee ka balaatkaar karatee hai

janakapuradhaam, 3 july kaha jaata hai ki janam dene vali maa se jyaada pyaar kisee aur ko nahin ho sakata. yah sunana ajeeb hai ki ek maan, jisane kuchh samay ke lie apane bachchon ko loot liya hai, apane premi ke haathon apanee beti ki izzat ko loot liya hai.

aisa hua hai ki praant ke mahataaree jile mein ek maa ne apanee betee ke sammaan ko loot liya hai. Woh bhee, apane premee se. neend kee havas mein apanee betee ka sarendar karane vaalee mahila ab pharaar hai. kareeb dedh maheene pahale, 4 saal kee bachchee ko usake premee ne bhaarateey raajadhaanee dillee mein le jaane ke baad paanch dinon tak balaatkaar kiya tha.

ghatana nagar paalika -4 mein huee. yahaan kee maan apanee 4 saal kee betee ko dillee le gaee hai aur 27 maee ko usake saamane usaka balaatkaar kiya. mahila ke premee bhangaha ke 5 saal ke siyaaraam mahato ne ladakee ke saath aadhe maheene tak yaun duraachaar kiya. peedita ne pulis se kaha, "jab siyaaraam ne apanee maan ke saamane mere saath seks kiya, to main a…

pichhale dinon nepal aaye modi, aisee hai taiyaaree

Kathmandu : bhartiya  pradhaanamantri narendr modee agale saptaah shaam 4 baje nepal jaane vaale hain.

yaatra kee taiyaaree mein, bhaarateey surakshaakarmee aur videsh mantraalay ke karmachaaree do maheene pahale is kadam kee taiyaaree kar rahe hain.

suraksha sootron ke anusaar, bhaarateey surakshaakarmiyon ka ek dal apanee yaatra kee taiyaaree ke lie agast ke pahale saptaah mein do baar kathmandu se dillee lauta hai, jo 1 agast se 2 aktoobar (7 sitambar se 7 sitambar) tak aayojit kiya jaega.

bhartiya sena ke karnal aur bhaarateey kathmandu teem ke adhikaaree nepaal laut aae hain. yah khabar aaj ke nepaal ke akhabaar mein hai.

bhartiya surakshaakarmiyon ne uchch stareey yaatraon ke lie suraksha sunishchit karane ke lie nepaalee adhikaariyon se ek kadam aage kee mulaakaat kee hai. .

pradhaan mantree kepee sharma olee ne modee ko badhaee dete hue nepaal kee bhaarat yaatra ka nimantran diya tha, jinhen pichhale saptaah phir se pradhaanamantree ke roop mein chuna gaya tha. 7 maee ko mode…

kathmandu mein lagaataar teen dinon tak ek 4 saal kee bachchee se chhedachhaad kee aor

Kathmandu, lalitapur kee ek 4 saal ki bachchee se jabaradastee karane ke aarop mein shanivaar dopahar teen logon ko giraphtaar kiya gaya.

giraftaar karane vaalon mein udayapur tapalee gauu nivaasee laganahel (lalitapur), 5, usee ghar ke 5 varsheey, tekalaal giri, kumaar khadagee, 2, usee sthaan ke aur bakhat bahaadur majee, 8, bheemaasengola, kaathamaandoo ke nivaasee hain.

metropolitan pulis sarkil baaneshvor se giraphtaar pulis ne ladakee ko kaathamaandoo ke bheemaasengola se giraphtaar kiya, yah khabar milane ke baad ki ladakee pichhale chhah dinon se rone ke lie majaboor thee. pulis maamale kee aage kee jaanch kar rahee hai