Rupandehi, 31, Assistant: Petroleum pumps of Rupandehi have been selling quality petroleum products. During the monitoring of various offices and organizations, the pumps and quality of diesel and petrol have been found to be accurate.
Reporting today on Monday and Monday, Narayan Bhattarai of industry commerce and consumer interest protection director informed that the diesel and petroleum measurements were fine in all the petrol pumps.

The quality of petrol pump has been good during the monitoring of the team comprising of representatives of industry commerce and Consumer Interest Protection Directorate, Commerce Office, Measurement and Quality Department, Oil Corporation, District Administration Office, Nepal Police and Journalists Federation.

The team has monitored Mohit Oil filing center, located in Omasthati village of Rupandehi-4, and Harikrishna Oil suppliers, Navjivan Stoves in Siddharth Municipality-1, Ashoka Supplements in Butwal Ramnagar, Ripumardini Petrol Pump and Butwal diesel road in Butwalwal at Butwal diesel road.

According to Manojkumar Pokharel, Head of the Department of Measurement and Quality, 1 milliliters reduction and 5 milliliters higher per 5 liters is considered normal. Chief Pokharel said that it would be cheating if it was less than that.

Assistant manager of the Oil Corporation, Govind Prasad Gyanwali, said that all the pumps were measured and the quality of diesel and petrol is correct. "The quality of diesel and petrol is correct but the pumps still need to be organized," he said.

Although the quality of petrol pump is correct, most of the security devices have not been found. District Administration Office Officer Jhibalal Bhattarai told that the security devices used to avoid the incident of the incident or the incident of fire in the highly sensitive sensitive gasoline pump said that the security forces are being prepared.

"Most petrol pumps do not have safety equipment," he said. The monitored petrol pumps have been found to have no toilet system but are not organized. Officer Bhattarai informed that it was instructed to arrange toilet and gender friendly toilet.

Zipka's official Bhattarai, chief of the Department of Measurement and Quality, Manoj Kumar Pokharel and employee Ramesh Prasad Pandey, Narayan Bhattarai and Rajkumar Ghimire of the Directorate of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Protection, Govinda Prasad Gyawali, assistant manager of the Oil Corporation and Keshav Prasad Gautam, were in the office of Nepal Police. Boeing clearly on the pump Dako has directed the law even.

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